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Using the LifeGuard SmartWatch

Our newest LifeGuard SmartWatch V2 is the very latest in wearable technology, featuring a medical alarm system.


With the LifeGuard SmartWatch, you can easily take your alarm system with you wherever you go!

Pressing the HELP button on the SmartWatch sends an alarm through to our 24/7 Emergency Response Centre, staffed by nurses and other healthcare professionals. The built-in GPS locator ensures that in an emergency we'll be able to locate you, speak to you, and send assistance, even if you can't respond.

Much more than just a modern smart watch, this device is also a personal health care service / medical alarm, and even functions as a mobile phone. It also features location tracking, Geofence notifications, and the ability to set appointment and medication reminders.

Family and Carer interaction with your alarm system

Family and carers can interact with your alarm system via our free LifeGuard SmartCarer app. With your permission, they can then update your information, receive alerts, view any health data you've recorded, and make and receive calls between the SmartWatch and the SmartCarer app.

Learn to use the SmartWatch

We've developed a comprehensive User Guide to walk you through setting up and using your new LifeGuard SmartWatch. Simply click the link below.

View or download the SmartWatch User Guide.

More Information / Find it in our Store

Warning for those with pacemakers:

Radiofrequency energy from mobile devices and other technologies, including our SmartMobile, SmartWatch and SmartTracker, may cause interference with pacemakers and should not be used in close proximity to pacemakers. In particular, note the following precautions:

  • PROPER STORAGE – avoid placing or wearing them next to the pacemaker. For instance, don’t carry your mobile device in your shirt or jacket pocket if it rests near the pacemaker.
  • PROPER DISTANCE – hold your mobile device to the ear opposite the side of the body where the pacemaker is implanted. Ensure your mobile device remains at least 15 centimetres away from your pacemaker.