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Free Medical Monitoring and Support Services via the LifeGuard SmartMobile App

Download the free app for your compatible* phone, and take your medical alarm with you when you leave home.


The free LifeGuard SmartMobile App puts a medical alarm system in the palm of your hand. It's available for free download from Google Play or the App Store. Once registered, you will receive two months free monitoring through the mobile app via INS LifeGuard's Emergency Response Centre — even if you're not currently a client!

That means at-risk persons in the community who don't currently have a personal response system available can quickly and easily access 24/7 medical monitoring by healthcare professionals, as well as LifeGuard's other clinical and social support services.

The SmartMobile App has many of the same features of our Australian-designed and internationally patented SmartHome IP Dialler in-home medical alarm system. For those who already have the IPD, the SmartMobile App extends the functionality to their mobile phone. When paired with the new LifeGuard SmartCarer app , the family will even be able to interact with the client through their alarm system.

Anyone can take advantage of these offers simply by downloading and registering the free LifeGuard SmartMobile App to their compatible* device. No other physical hardware is required. This service provides an added layer of security knowing you can speak to healthcare professionals at any time of the day or night with the press of a button, whilst also providing links to family and care providers.

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More Information / Product Video

View or download the SmartMobile app User Guide.

* Android (min. version 4.4) requires min. 5" screen.
  iOS version also available. Some features in iOS version are pending.