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The LifeGuard Client Portal

This secure intranet site lets you, your family and carers update the information held by INS LifeGuard at any time.

The new LifeGuard Control Panel Client Portal helps empower clients in-line with Consumer Directed Care. There is no charge to use the Client Portal and you can choose to nominate trusted persons who will be able to log-in and update information on your behalf. INS customers can simply call 1800 636 226 to request access to the Client Portal.

The Client Portal let's you or your family / carers:

  • Update personal details, including home phone and mobile numbers
  • Update property details, including the security key holder location and code
  • Edit GP and Pharmacy details, as well as medical information and medications
  • Set up tasks and reminders and send messages to your device
  • View news articles and other information shared by INS LifeGuard